Best Free Legal IPTV Sites for Watching TV Shows and Movies 2023

Best Free Live IPTV Legal Services for Watching TV Shows and Movies
Video streaming services have exploded over the last few years, with many websites now available, both paid and free.

The paid services are well known, such as Netflix, Amazon, and Disney Plus, but there are also many free legal services.

Are There Legal Free IPTV Websites?

Yes, there are several popular free online streaming services.

Services such as Roku Channel, Pluto TV, and Tubi TV are popular options.

While the free legal services won’t have the newest movies and TV shows, it can be surprising what they do have, with huge libraries of videos ready to stream on-demand.

Below are our picks for the best free and legal IPTV services that are good for any cord-cutter setup.

How Can I Watch Free IPTV Video Streams?

Video streams can be watched with a web browser such as Chrome or an app provided by the service.

Using a web browser is likely best for a PC, while an Android TV box or Fire TV stick would likely be better using an app.
Best Free Legal IPTV Sites for Watching TV Shows and Movies 2023

  1. Tubi TV
  2. Best Free Live IPTV Legal Services for Watching TV Shows and Movies 2020 Tubi TV
    Tubi TV Website

    Tubi TV is a great IPTV website with TV shows and movies in all genres on demand.

    It doesn’t have the latest movies and TV shows but does have a huge video library with something for everyone.

    Besides movies and TV shows, it also has many older reality TV shows such as Storage Wars, Kitchen Nightmare, Duck Dynasty, Dog the Bounty Hunter, and much more.

    It also has a huge collection of B-movies from Asylum film companies and other sources.

    The streams can be watched on any device with a browser or app.

  3. Pluto TV
  4. Best Free Live IPTV Legal Services for Watching TV Shows and Movies 2020 Pluto TV
    Pluto TV Website

    Pluto TV is another free source for Live Streaming of movies and TV shows.

    There is a Live TV section as well as an On-Demand section.

    The Live TV section has a TV guide interface that sends out live streams that can be watched much like traditional TV.

    The On-Demand section has videos that can be watched anytime along with play/pause options.

    It can be installed on almost any device using a browser or an app for Android, iOS or even the Fire TV stick.

  5. Roku Channel
  6. Best Free Online Movie and TV Streaming Websites Roku Channel
    Roku Channel Website

    Roku is best known for its streaming media devices but also has a free streaming video service.

    A Roku device is not required, with anybody able to watch and play videos from their library for free.

    They have a lot of sections, including Movies, TV shows, Relax and Stream, What’s Cooking, Summer Travels, News, and more.

  7. Popcorn Flix

  8. Popcorn Flix Website

    Popcorn Flix is another longtime favorite for many people, with more than 1,500 movies that can be found on this site.

    They have many popular classics and more recent films.

    If you’re having trouble finding something to watch, scroll down to their staff picks, and you’ll find some great recommendations


  9. IMDB TV
  10. Best Free Online Movie and TV Streaming Websites IMDB TV
    IMDB TV Website

    IMDB is known best for its movie database and user reviews on movies and TV shows, but it also now has a streaming service.

    IMDB TV is a free movie and TV show provider.

    It is supported by ads and requires signup with an email address.


  11. Crackle
  12. Best Free Live IPTV Legal Services for Watching TV Shows and Movies 2020 Crackle
    Crackle Website

    Crackle is another source of free movies and TV shows with a huge video library.

    It has a lot of classics, such as All In The Family, 3rd Rock from the Sun, Barney Miller, Fantasy Island, Bewitched, Charlie’s Angles, and much more.

    It also has many newer TV shows such as Dr. Ken, Just Shoot Me, Men at Work, Rosanne, and more.

    The movie section has a lot of classics mixed in with newer 2000-2010 releases such as Anaconda, 3000 Miles to Graceland, Chappie, and much more.

The above list is for those looking for free and legal online sources to stream videos from.

While these sites don’t have new blockbuster movies, they do have many good classic TV shows and movies and have a large collection of older stuff.

They also have many reality TV shows, animation, documentaries, B-movies, and other genres.

Have you found any good free and legal online streaming services? Let us know in the comments below.