Getting started with Kodi Add-Ons

Kodi Add-ons

Getting started with Kodi Add-Ons (Free Members)

For Free.

XBMC is now named Kodi.

Kodi is Required to use M1Flix Downloads Section Repo’s:

Kodi Entertainment Center – Download (click here for more info about Kodi) Compatible Player for music and video)

Internet Connection Required. 3G/4G / Broadband Recommended.

How to get started using Kodi addons Free.

Install A Kodi Media Player/ Entertainment Center

After you have kodi Installed to your PC, Laptop, Desktop, Mobile Devices, Tablets, Etc.

Add a Kodi Addon to your Kodi Media Player from our M1Flix Downloads Section.

We Recommend Trying Kodi’s Best All-On-One Add-onsto get you started.

There are many more Kodi add on’s to choose from which will allow you to watch live tv, sports, movies, tv shows, documentaries and much more…

Just follow the Instructions from the M1Flix Downloads Sectionto add as many Addons, and Much more to kodi.



Depending on the devices internet speeds, Certain movies on M1Flix such as BlueRay or 1080p, 720p movies, may require a Desktop Device, Or Newer Mobile / Tablet Device using Kodi for Optimal Playback and Viewing Uninterrupted.

We recommend for mobile and tablet devices use WIFI, or 4G Networks.

We recommend for Desktops Broadband or High speed internet connection.

You may also Download and Use our M1Flix Advanced Settings File For Optimal Playback

to fix any issues if you may experience with interruptions during movie buffering and playback.

Enjoy M1Flix Media Services

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